Teenagers Special Edition

Teenagers Special Edition is a six-level English series for secondary students at the beginner to intermediate level.

This series features:

  • A content- based approach, including crosscultural and cross-curricular topics.
  • A proposal for developing learning strategies, communicative skills and vocabulary acquisition.
  • A clear communicative approach to grammar.
  • Games and all kinds of activities which imply having fun while learning.
  • A project methodology to promote meaningful tasks and cooperative learning.
  • Evaluations and self-evaluations according to the learning goals.

Each level of Teenagers Special Edition consists of:

  • Student’s book with Workbook included
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Class Audio CD


New Generation for Teenagers

Our leading program throughout Latin America Teenagers, with more than 1 million books sold, is now New Generation for Teenagers, a secondary program for schools teaching between two and four hours a week.

It includes the student’s book, the workbook, and a tests booklet accompanied by its corresponding audio CD.

New Generation for Teenagers is based on the communicative approach and stimulates adolescents to have fun while learning.

Through New Generation for Teenagers adolescents are equipped with innumerable learning strategies that will help them learn more and better.

It includes evaluations and self-evaluations for students to revise their progress.

It also includes a Tests Booklet, which helps students get ready to take and succeed at national and international exams.

Help your students learn and have fun with New Generation for Teenagers.



Viewpoints is an outstanding six-level English program for secondary students that embraces a singular methodology within the communicative framework.

The program features:

  • A syllabus based on the Common European Framework (CEF) standards, which takes students from level A1 to B1.
  • A well-defined eclectic approach to teaching and learning built on the current methodological developments in ELT: task-based approach, content based approach, student-centered approach, the multiple intelligences theory and cooperative learning.
  • Step-by-step projects developed throughout each unit to consolidate both language and content knowledge.
  • A thorough development of the communicative, cognitive and academic competences embedded in language learning.
  • A Reflect on Values section which stimulates social awareness.
  • A Test Training section that familiarizes students with the format of international examinations, KET and PET.
  • Up-to-date expressions that enable students communicate with real English.


English For You!

A modern 6-level English program, based on You Too!, for secondary schools teaching between two and four hours of English a week. It includes the Student’s Book (accompanied by its corresponding audio CD), the Workbook and a Code to access Greenwich Lab. Among other things, it raises social awareness, prepares students for international examinations and includes a section with well-known rock and pop songs. 

English for You! has been designed for students to:

- Be capable of interacting in English.

- Go from a low-basic command of English to an intermediate level, according to the Common European Framework.

- Take advantage of different learning styles and intelligences.

- Develop the concept of global citizenship.

English for You! has been designed for teachers to:

- Have a cross-cultural and cross-curricular approach.

- Provide a learner-centered approach that focuses on students’ needs, interests and preferences.

- Offer a VARIETY in lesson planning: Vivid, Appealing, Realistic, Interactive, Expansive, Tailor-made and Yielding.

With English for You, students will learn and enjoy!


You Too! Portfolio

Use music to help your students learn English with You Too!

You Too! is a program that takes advantage of the most recent methodological developments in teaching English as a foreign language. These developments stimulate students to learn while having fun at the same time.

It is a modular program in which enjoyable and challenging projects help students consolidate both language and content knowledge.

The series provides them with cognitive and meta-cognitive learning strategies, which help with the achievement of a higher level of communicative and academic competences.

It includes a Reflect on Values section to enhance social awareness, a Test Training section to prepare students for international examinations, and a final section with well-known rock and pop songs.

With You Too! your students will



Keynote Silver Edition

Use music to help your students learn English with You Too!

This is the new, thoroughly revised edition of Keynote, for students who attend from five to eight English lessons a week

The series includes strategies, reflection exercises and self-assessment activities to help students become autonomous.

It deals with topics related to arts, technology, tourism, literature, movies, and other areas of special interest to adolescents. This enables them to use the language learned within real contexts.

It promotes critical thinking and students’ social awareness.

It also enhances cooperation in the classroom; in turn, teaching students to value teamwork.